All at Indiana University

Instructor, Introduction to Python for Economists (Syllabus) Summer 2021
    GitHub link: https://github.com/kairongchen/python_minicourse  
Teaching Assistant, Macroeconomic Theory I for Professor Todd B. Walker Fall 2018
Associate Instructor (full teaching responsibility)  
Fundamental of Economics for Business I (Syllabus) Spring 2021
Introduction to Microeconomics (Syllabus) Fall 2019
Teaching Assistant  
Everyday Economics Fall 2021
Fundamental of Economics for Business I Fall 2020
Intermediate Macroeconomics Summer 2020
Financial Economics Spring 2020
Introduction to Macroeconomics Summer 2018, Summer 2019
Intermediate Microeconomics Summer 2019
Introduction to Microeconomics Spring 2019
Money and Banking Spring 2018, Summer 2018
Industrial Organization Spring 2018
Statistical Analysis for Business and Economics Fall 2017